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Shape the Future of Health Care


Learn to Formulate Solutions with a Global Perspective & Earn a Master’s Degree in Health and Medical Policy

The Health and Medical Policy degree at George Mason University gives students the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to analyze and formulate effective health and medical policies.

Because health policy affects all facets of society—including economic growth, security, and politics—the program teaches students to link issues, objectives, and solutions to these broader contexts. Students in the HMP program come from a range of disciplinary backgrounds, but they all learn to assess the performance of health systems, and identify issues, solutions and policy options.

The curriculum also emphasizes an international perspective, so that students gain experience in comparing and dealing with health care systems around the world.

Students are taught to examine the structures, functions, governing policies, and performance of diverse health care systems. They practice devising alternate courses of action and policy reform that contribute to achieving goals.

Students tackle a wide range of issues, including

  • Government roles in comparative health systems
  • Evaluating public health programs
  • Implications of priority setting and resource allocation on policy formulation
  • Medicine as diplomacy
  • Financing reform
  • Geographic and socioeconomic disparities
  • Ethics in health and medical policy
  • Policy theories and political realities
  • Global health workforce challenges
  • And more.

Graduates of the Health and Medical Policy program are ready for leadership roles in consulting, analysis and advising on public health policy making. They’re ready for careers that tackle the burning health policy issues of the day and contribute to informed policy formulation.

Admissions Requirements

Tuition for the HMP program is:
In State: $717.25 per credit hour
Out of State: $1,333.25 per credit hour

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HMP Overview and Curriculum Requirements

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Courses You’ll Take

 Comparative International Health Systems:
Examine the structures and functions of health systems in developing and developed countries, including democracies, monarchies, and communist nations.

 Health Economics
Explore economic efficiency in the U.S. health system, including the demand for health and medical care services, provider behavior, and function and behavior of insurance markets.

Public Policy in Global Health and Medical Practice
An introduction to international medical policy. Topics include the globalization of health and medical policies, ethics, and use of emerging technologies.

Global Threats and Medical Policies
Explore health policies and governance as it relates to natural and human-made disasters, humanitarian and emergency assistance, vaccine development, critical infrastructures, bioethics and resource allocations.